All reflexology session start with soaking the feet into warm bubble water, scrubs, then  spray the feet with a tea tree oil mix to refresh them. During the session you can relax and enjoy the trickling water sound, soft music, soft scents and a lavender mix eye pillow for aroma therapy. You will feel a million times better when you leave.

30 minutes Reflexology session     $ 30

1 hour basic Reflexology session      $ 55

1 1/2 hour Reflexology session (feet & hands or leg and feet)     $ 80

Add paraffin bath     $10

2 hours basic Reflexology session     $100

(Head/Face, Hand and Foot Reflexology)

1 hour D'Vasree Facelift Reflexology (Refaceology)      $65

2 hours Refaceology including hands and feet Reflexology      $125

2 hours Ancient Javanese Spa        $130

(Choice of Royal Java Lulur Scrub Royal Java Wrap follow Reflexology session)

Royal Java Body Ritual For Ladies.

Experience the royal treatment straight from the ancient kingdoms of central Java. Still used today in the palace known Keraton, these ancient treatments are based on the traditional healing properties of Jamu. The knowledge used in creating these rituals has been handed down, for centuries, from generation to generation. The unique sensation of this two-hours treatment is deeply rich and herbal - literally steeped in history. 

Javanese Lulur scrub is a beauty treatment (body exfoliation) that includes a mixture of herbs, rice powder and spieces first used by Javanese princesses before ceremonies. Lulur leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and radiant.

Javanese Body Wrap; with active ingredients, ground seaweed plus lemon, basil and grapefruit essentials oils will helps to breakdown fatty tissue through the pores of your skin.