Reflexology Can Change Your Life.


      *Nothing makes me feel so relaxed all over at once as when Hartini does her magic on my feet. You would think that a neck or shoulder massage would make you relax more but not true! What Hartini does makes you tingle all over especially in the head. I am so relaxed like nothing else. The water, relaxing music and aroma all add to the special experience but of course. most of all just being the special trusting and kind person that Hartini is makes it all!  I do love coming and will recommend this experience to all my friends & family.



     *The relaxation and well being I experience at Hartini's is a needed requirement in my life. She provides an atmosphere of relaxation through her lavender aroma patch, bubbling fountain and her peaceful demeanor. Her knowledge obtained from her grandfather, education and her love of helping others is evident in her profession. Thank you Hartini!.



*My Name is Dorothy Scott. I am 85 years old and have suffered pain and discomfort for the past 20 years. I quit pain pills because they only mask the problem and have nasty side effects. I decided to pursue my interest in reflexology and made an appointment with Hartini's Reflexology Clinic in Lewiston, Idaho. What a wonderful experience! From the first treatment I could tell a difference. Hartini used her reflexology technique to ease pain and bring back life to my legs and feet damaged neuropathy. The reflexology also brought pain relief to my right knee, lower back and stiff joints, it increased my energy level and well being. I look forward to each treatment and how it will further improve my quality of life. Hartini's Reflexology is a "must" in my health plan. Try it, you'll like it!.


     * Hello, my name is Lauren Slade. I have been involved with Reflexology since the early 1980's. I have always been interested in natural health. My mother brought us up on whole natural fresh foods, brown bread and brown sugar (when necessary!) long before it was fashionable. She did not believe in running to the doctor for drugs or vaccinations.
When I left home and began working in the City of London in the Financial/Stock Broker world, my life in the fast lane left little time for myself, I ignored all the good stuff I learned growing up and I became ill. Very, very ill. After about a year's worth of tests, the doctor finally diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis! He told me that my symptoms were aggressive.

He Told Me I Had About Three Years To Live!

And the whole time, he said, becoming more and more progressively unable to function. He could offer no treatments at all. He said the symptoms could be "managed" but not completely dispelled.

I Left His Office In Shock

But I decided I was not willing to accept a diagnosis of a three year life span! I decided that it was time to help myself. I did not know, however, where to start my journey to health. I read an article in the local paper about a woman who had just won a medal for archery. A great achievement in anyone's books, but her story really caught my attention. She had suffered with severe back problems all her life. Her surgeon recommended surgery – fusing vertebrae together to help her get around. He told her there was a chance, albeit a small one, that she could get paralyzed from the operation.

She agreed to the operation, only after she had explored every other eventuality. In her quest for a solution, she came across something called Reflexology. She contacted a local practitioner who started giving her weekly sessions. Her health so improved that she threw away her back brace, and after a year resumed normal activities, and cancelled the operation. She was totally convinced that Reflexology had been the catalyst for change and helped her back to heal.

The Reporter asked a doctor about her surprise recovery from such a severe health issue, and what they thought about Reflexology. They replied that it must have been the "placebo effect" that "cured" her. The reporter then asked the archery champion what she thought about that response.

Her reply is what spurred me onto a life long passion and career in Reflexology. She said, “if the "placebo" effect was the reason for her recovery when using Reflexology, why did it not work with the Doctors with whom she had complete and utter trust.” Why did the "placebo” effect work with a little old lady pressing areas on her feet, while she sat in a recliner?!

Her Story Changed My Life

I immediately phoned the newspaper, spoke to the reporter and got the name and address of the Reflexologist. I drove round to her house that afternoon, and asked her to treat me. Within 5 months, my eyesight recovered, my legs were working again, the numbness around my waist disappeared, the strength in my hands returned. It was as if two years of health issues disappeared little by little over the few months she treated me. That was in the early 1980's, and I have never had another MS episode since.

That experience changed my life, and I decided then and there to become a practitioner, educator and advocate for Reflexology. I took as many Reflexology classes as I could, became a Master Reflexologist and built up a thriving private practice in London England. I moved my practice to Canada in 1991, founded the Universal College of Reflexology and have taught over a 1,000 students Reflexology and other healing modalities ever since.

     * I was a wildlife biologist for over 30 years and during my career I traversed lots of steep, rocky, rugged terrain.  Every night I would come home with sore aching feet.  For the last two years, I have been receiving reflexology on my feet.  What a dramatic difference it has made. My feet rarely hurt now and my overall health has improved too, which is another great side benefit of reflexology.  If you take care of your health and be proactive, you can maintain good health for years to come.   


     *Reflexology stimulates your nerve endings, improves circulation, lessen stiffness and tension and improve feelings of well being and deeply relaxing. And I'm proof - Hartini provides all that for me. She is awesome. Thank you Hartini!.



     * I started going to Hartini for reflexology in 2008.  I saw Hartini at the Nez Perce County Fair and decided to try reflexology. I went for massages and reflexology for a few months. Then my husband died suddenly in an accident. I felt that reflexology and Hartini helped me mentally and physically to my loss and stress of dealing with my husband death. I strongly feel that Hartini and reflexology have been the most effective in keeping me healthy and active in the last four years. It helps with tension, stress, blood pressure and pain. It has also helped me with sinus and neck pain.

I went every week after my husband death for the first year. I go every two weeks now. I am very happy and satisfied with Hartini. I hope she is practicing in Lewiston ID for the rest of my life.